Devin Wilson is a young Boston-based artist working in the mediums of new genres in art. Using these mediums, he conveys the artifice and exaggeration of queer culture. Devin’s work derives from a curiosity to understand the queer human experience. His work is a visual autobiography exploring his relationship to gender, identity, and queerness. His work references the historical rhetoric of “Camp,” and its impact on mainstream media vernacular. Devin is currently a senior BFA sculpture candidate at Boston University, College of Fine Arts.

Group Exhibitions

Open House Exhibition 

Stone  Gallery, Boston, MA

April 2019


Sloane House Exhibition

Sloane House, Boston, MA

April 2019


Painting 2 Exhibition

Gallery 5, Boston, MA

December 2018

Strangers to Us

Gallery 5, Boston, MA

November 2018


"Sunlight Interior"

Boston University, Boston, MA

March 2019

  • Collaborative theatrical installation


"The Journey"

Boston University, Boston, MA

April 2018

  • Collaborative theatrical installation


Squinch Magazine

Winter Issue 2019

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