Devin Wilson is a queer, interdisciplinary artist, curator, and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. They work in photography, video art, sound, sculpture, and performance. Most recently, their work examines the relationship between cosmic space and the queer existence. They use ‘the self’ as a way to discover and chart the unknown social and physical terrain of space, thinking of themself as a queer astronaut.   

In April 2020, Devin founded The Bedroom Art Gallery out of their parent’s home in central Pennsylvania. They created the gallery to allow artists to continue to exhibit their work in a physical space and on a digital platform. 

Devin received a BFA degree in Sculpture from Boston University in 2020. They received the Marianna Pineda Award from the College of Fine Arts ‘based on their work, work ethic, and intellectual rigor’ in the Sculpture program.

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